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Floating Lint Hair Catcher

Floating Lint Hair Catcher

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Product Description:

Floating Pet Fur Catcher grabs excess pet hair and lint into the net.

Toss it in the washer and it floats on right on top. Effectively removes pet hair from sticking on your clothings.

Reusable for 1,000 loads of wash. Recommend to buy 2 or more for higher-capacity washer (larger than 7kg).


    Collect excess pet hair and lint into the net.

    Easy to use. Floats right on top of the clothes.

    Stops lint from clogging laundry tub or sink.


    Perfect for those who have fluffy pets.


      Material: Polyester, PP

      Color: Grey, white,pink

      Package Included:

      • 1 x Floating Lint Hair Catcher/ 2 x Floating Lint Hair Catcher
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